LED Custom Music Album Cover Night Lamp

LED Custom Music Album Cover Night Lamp

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Create your personalized LED Music Plaque and give a unique gift to the person you love, friends, and family! Because every memory is stronger with music 

Make your own music plaque is easy as 1, 2, 3! 
1. Upload your favorite photo - Choose one that reminds you of happy memory! 
2. Dedicate your song - Choose your favorite song
3. Assign Artist Name- Choose your artist

Music evokes strong emotions, and emotions help seal in memories. Upload an image of a happy moment, and add music that you associate with. You can also add a cute message.

The custom music plaque is the best way to show appreciation to the person you love, family members, and friends. With our music plaques, we wanted to offer a different way to dedicate a song to a loved one, family members, and that close friend.